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This course provides tools, guidelines, and best practices for teams that model, monitor and optimize SAP-based processes

7 areas to consider when implementing business process monitoring with SAP Solution Manager

Learn how SAP Solution Manager's business process monitoring functionality can be configured and utilized to keep SAP business processes current, healthy, and available.

  • Gain insight into how SAP Solution Manager monitors and optimizes processes down to the transactional level.
  • Learn about the seven key areas to address when implementing business process management on SAP Solution Manager, such as identifying key components in the business process, documenting configurations, and determining the level of monitoring and alert notification required.
  • Explore the steps required for configuring SAP Solution Manager and hear about successes and failures in various phases of implementing business process monitoring in the SAP Solution Manager system.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Robert A. Simard, MyITGroup

Master data management: An essential ingredient for effective business process management

Examine how master data inconsistencies and inaccuracies can disrupt business process flows. Get tips for why and how to properly assign ownership of master data, foster organizational support, clearly define business processes, and formally define an execution model for business operations based on master data.

  • Hear how centralized reports generated from a central set of data in SAP NetWeaver BI can significantly reduce the unnecessary creation of localized spreadsheets and reports in which data integrity is not assured.
  • Learn how to establish and monitor key metrics, such as latency of new data requests, frequency of exceptions that occur due to master data problems, number of resources required for master data maintenance, and data objects in compliance with enterprise standards and policies.
  • Review guidelines to help you establish your own enterprise data governance and management practices that support process optimization and continuous improvement.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Steve Wagner, Capgemini

An up-to-date guide on what’s new with SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1

Explore the latest, most up-to-date capabilities of the newly released SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) 7.1. Whether you’re currently running or are in the process of evaluating or implementing SAP NetWeaver PI, this session offers detailed guidance on whether and how to adopt the new release

  • Take a guided tour of SAP NetWeaver PI fundamentals, including important prerequisites for getting started or upgrading.
  • Gain insight into why conforming to the open standards of SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 makes it a key building block of enterprise service-oriented architecture and business process orchestration.
  • Step through a demo and obtain a detailed explanation of how the Enterprise Services Repository and Integration Directory work.
  • Learn how new SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM) functionality, available with SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1, can be used to model, configure, execute, and manage complex business scenarios and processes.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: William Li, SAP Labs

Introduction to cross-component business process management with SAP

This session provides an introduction to cross-component business process management (BPM), a capability of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) 7.1.

  • Learn how SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 enables you to model, configure, execute, monitor, and control business processes that span multiple systems.
  • Acquire detailed definitions of key concepts essential to cross-component BPM, including the use of containers, correlations, abstract interfaces, process step types, implementing processes, and utilizing process patterns.
  • Find out how to use a new state-of-the-art modeler in the Enterprise Services Repository to model end-to-end business processes.
  • See a demo of the modeler in action, the execution of a process, and how to monitor a process.
  • Determine whether cross-component BPM should be an essential part of your integration strategy.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: William Li, SAP Labs

A guide to 3 essential SAP technologies for business process automation

Most business processes are hampered by a constant need to manually rekey data, poor data quality, and complex interfaces that confuse and alienate business users. Gain insight into if and how you could conquer many of these challenges by utilizing three SAP technologies: SAP Business Workflow, SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe, and SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (SAP NetWeaver MDM).

  • See how validation, governance, and conflict resolution capabilities of SAP NetWeaver MDM ensure that the data moving through each level of your business process is accurate.
  • Use SAP Business Workflow and SAP guided procedures to create and present intuitive screens so that your users know where they are in the business process, and what the next steps are.
  • Learn how to create slick interactive forms where users can easily enter and capture data that will flow directly into your business systems, subsequently triggering business processes without the need to manually re-enter data.
  • Assess your options for extending these technologies to external stakeholders, such as partners and customers.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Jason Childers, SITA CORP

Introduction to business process management using SAP NetWeaver PI

Explore the capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NetWeaver PI) from the business process designer’s perspective, and determine whether this tool could make it faster, cheaper, and more effective to integrate processes across multiple systems.

  • Match key SAP NetWeaver PI components, such as the Integration Engine, Enterprise Services Repository, and Integration Directory, with the modeling, monitoring, or integration service they help support.
  • Understand how the XML message broker and business process engine of SAP NetWeaver PI enable a variety of granular process integration services related to orchestration, translation, routing, receiver determination, and more.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the Adapter Framework of SAP NetWeaver PI and the role it plays in simplifying B2B, A2A, and electronic data interchange (EDI) connectivity.
  • Learn how the business event management and error management functionality within SAP NetWeaver PI plays a significant role in error handling, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Get an introduction to Business Activity Monitoring – the process analysis toolkit that leverages the best of SAP NetWeaver PI, SAP NetWeaver Portal, and analytics to provide enterprise-wide process dashboards with drill-down capabilities for preventing bottlenecks and catching service-level issues before they occur.
  • Examine key factors for successfully adding SAP NetWeaver PI to your SAP landscape, including how to make it work properly with your existing middleware platforms.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Dan King, Capgemini

A comprehensive introduction to SAP Business Workflow

This session provides a comprehensive introduction to SAP Business Workflow, requirements for using it, and insight into its role in business process management. Get an overview of how SAP Business Workflow uses existing functions in your SAP ERP (or SAP R/3®) system to create and automate new business processes or sub-processes.

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of key SAP Business Workflow features, such as Workflow Builder, Workflow Wizards, Business Object Builder, and Business Workplace.
  • Walk through the steps required to set up a simple workflow scenario using an existing SAP workflow template, including how to create events, provide tasks, and define steps.
  • Learn how to define responsible agents and assign them to workflows, as well as how to activate triggering events.
  • Examine the pros, cons, and integration requirements of work item delivery options, such as email and SAP NetWeaver® Portal.
  • Learn the best ways to monitor and administer your workflow environment, resolve runtime errors and failed agent determination, and report on problems and exceptions.
  • Walk through a sample workflow project scenario, including how to select project team members, gather requirements, and define a business process within a workflow model.
  • Understand how SAP ArchiveLink® can be used to integrate documents into a workflow.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Torsten Schnorpfeil, Norikkon

A step-by-step guide to getting started with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management

This session provides comprehensive demonstrations of SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM) in action.

  • Understand how to access SAP NetWeaver BPM from the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE).
  • Step through an example of how to sketch out business processes using the process composer, an Eclipse-based modeling environment that uses business process modeling notation (BPMN).
  • See how features such as the process desk allow users to access and complete assigned tasks through SAP GUI or SAP NetWeaver Portal, even as business processes are running.
  • Gain insight into how the process server is integrated with the SAP NetWeaver CE runtime environment to execute process models without requiring awkward translation steps between the process model and source code.
  • Take a look at business process debugging and administration capabilities.
  • Get a glimpse into the SAP roadmap for new and planned functionality.
  • Come away with a newfound understanding of how your IT and business teams can leverage SAP NetWeaver BPM for collaborative process design from model to execution.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Michael Hill, SAP Labs

Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management: A new tool for designing, improving, and standardizing business processes

Learn how SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM), delivered as part of the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE), supports business process innovation and standardization.

  • Determine whether you could use SAP NetWeaver BPM to increase business process transparency and flexibility, improve governance, externalize frequently changing business policies, eliminate departmental stovepipe solutions, and provide traceable processes for audit compliance.
  • Gain insight into how SAP NetWeaver BPM fits into and is enabled by enterprise service-oriented architecture.
  • Understand how SAP defines a “business process,” and walk through use cases and specific scenarios of how processes, such as an investment approval process, are created with SAP NetWeaver BPM.
  • See how to model executable processes in process composer using the BPM standard, and how to use business rules to externalize frequently changing business policies.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Soum Chatterjee, SAP Labs

Process performance measurement within a PM framework

This session describes how the right process performance measurement strategy can provide transparency into a company’s operations.

  • Walk through a model for process performance measurement (PPM) based on SAP’s experience.
  • Learn how process performance measurement should be integrated into an overall business process management framework and explore the steps required for setting strategic goals, identifying process performance indicators, and examining their influence on business and process improvement.
  • Learn how process KPIs are used in business to measure quality, time, and costs and how this real time information can be used to change a process or execute a process improvement project.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Mark Scavillo, SAP AG

Why and how to weave performance management into your BPM initiatives to achieve continuous improvement

Learn how making performance management an integral component of your business process management strategy can help you create a culture of continuous improvement within your organization.

  • Find out how to set the stage for effectively monitoring business process performance by prioritizing process optimization projects, setting expectations through benefit identification and performance management benchmarks, establishing team roles and training key personnel, designing a process architecture, and setting standards for aligning goals and measures.
  • Get an overview of the tools for performance management and continuous process improvement, such as scorecards, dashboards, reports, KPIs, benchmarking, new statistical management tools, and more.
  • Obtain tips to effectively market process improvement, get support from key stakeholders, and gain insight into the leadership needed to achieve the cultural change that drives process improvement.
  • Explore a maturity model for continuous process improvement, and understand how to move from one phase to the next within the model and strive towards process excellence.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Simon Vukojevic, Sapient

A comprehensive guide to building business process maps

Understand the importance of mapping your business process in a top-down fashion, all the way from strategic concept down to SAP system transaction codes. Receive tips and practical advice to create baseline process maps and properly evaluate your existing business processes maps for efficiency and detail.

  • Understand the unique requirements, challenges, and techniques for mapping business processes that span functional areas and geographies.
  • See why you should be developing and creating process controls and KPIs during, rather than after, the mapping stages.
  • Gain insight into how business process maps help drive and guide downstream system implementation activities, including blueprinting, configuration, testing, and training.
  • Learn how to create a governance model and resolve conflicts that may arise throughout the mapping process.
  • Find out how tools such as SAP Solution Manager can be used to support the creation and management of business process maps.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Krishnakant (KK) Dave, Deloitte Consulting

A complete guide to SAP tools for business process definition, modeling, and management

Explore the full range of tools SAP now makes available to define, model, and manage business processes. Come away with an understanding of when and how they can benefit you and the necessary steps to get started

  • Learn how SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE) 7.1 and SAP NetWeaver Visual Composer can be used to build composite applications that support and execute steps within end-to-end business processes.
  • Get an overview of the features and functionality of the new SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (SAP NetWeaver BPM) tool, now part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE).
  • Find out when SAP NetWeaver BPM will be available to customers, and become familiar with important considerations and decisions for getting started with it.
  • Step through a real-world process scenario that clarifies the importance of connecting business process management and service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Identify key roles needed for your business process management team, including the process owner and the business process expert community, and understand the responsibilities of each.
  • Understand the phases involved in transitioning your IT landscape from a siloed architecture to a business modularity (enterprise SOA) architecture that enables reusable business processes and strategic agility.
  • Find out how other companies are using SAP tools for business process management.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Charles Moller, Aalborg University; Marilyn Pratt, SAP Labs; Greg Prickril, SAP AG; Ann Rosenberg, SAP AG

A comprehensive guide to business process management and integration tools and technologies

Take a close look at capabilities of various SAP and third-party tools to help you improve SAP business processes. Step through the basics of how to configure and program SAP Business Workflow to streamline and automate a business process, and obtain examples of process improvements that could be realized with SAP Business Workflow.

  • Gain an understanding of how SAP ArchiveLink, a service that is part of your existing SAP infrastructure, can be used to link documents, print lists, and archive files to your workflows.
  • Understand the role that optical character recognition and image character recognition (OCR/ICR) could play in automating business processes, and get criteria to decide whether and how to use these technologies.
  • Hear how business process intelligence provides the capability to analyze operational data in conjunction with process data to deliver a great tool for analysts and decision-makers.
  • Gain insight into how SAP NetWeaver Portal, the Web, e-interfaces, and e-forms can be used to more tightly integrate business process and reduce gaps.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Torsten Schnorpfeil, Norikkon

A guide to business process monitoring with SAP Solution Manager 

Find out if, how, when, and why SAP Solution Manager could help you monitor key business processes that are distributed across complex system landscapes.

  • See how to work closely with SAP to analyze processes and identify systems and interfaces that require monitoring from within SAP Solution Manager.
  • Learn how the business process monitoring capabilities of SAP Solution Manager use a graphical display to simplify access to alerts, business process steps, or system interfaces.
  • Gain insight into how designated personnel can centrally view and handle system alerts and take corrective action from within SAP Solution Manager, rather than having to go to the local Computer Center Management System (CCMS) where the initial alert occurred.
  • Learn how non-technical users can choose predefined corrective actions for problems such as batch job failures, only alerting application or process owners if a second failure occurs.
  • Delve into the SAP Solution Manager business process monitoring console’s capacity to monitor multiple Basis components in a single window, as well as how it interfaces with and monitors third-party applications.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Robert A. Simard, MyITGroup

Measuring process improvement: Defining and delivering actionable KPIs using SAP NetWeaver BI

Learn how to create a strategy and a roadmap for defining, prioritizing, and implementing KPIs for process improvement using SAP NetWeaver BI tools.

  • Discover which KPIs are easiest to put in place and which require greater effort when analyzing sales, finance, and materials management performance.
  • Gain insight into how other companies use dashboards, scorecards, and cockpits to deliver KPIs to stakeholders.
  • Explore the top 10 rules for designing a performance management solution, along with suggested SAP applications and tools that could simplify your efforts.
  • Get a solid understanding of the correct approaches for building performance analysis solutions, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls, such as poor cockpit construction and performance.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Bjarne Berg, MyITGroup

Lessons learned from a pilot project on how to use SAP Solution Manager to deliver business process metrics that matter

Learn how to quickly ramp up business process monitoring and reporting using SAP Solution Manager.

  • See an example of a pilot project where SAP Solution Manager was used to support business process management for a deductions department.
  • Hear how SAP Solution Manager was utilized to monitor metrics for information technology service management (ITSM) and Six Sigma initiatives.
  • Learn how the availability and service level management team acquired the skills necessary to use SAP Solution Manager for process management and reporting.
  • Gain insight into how the company categorized long-term versus short-term business process monitoring, data collection, and reporting requirements.

Releases covered: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 | SAP NetWeaver 7.1
Session presented by: Robert Max, Consultant

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